The Convention on the collection, deposit and reception of waste generated during navigation on the Rhine and other inland waterways (CDNI) aims to help protect the environment, improve the safety of inland navigation and water quality as well as the well-being of inland navigation personnel and users.

Unloading standards are an essential part of the CDNI, prescribing as they do how cargo residue is to be treated after having been unloaded from a vessel.

There is a specific unloading standard for each type of goods carried: sweeping, cleaning, vacuuming of the holds, depositing wash water in a reception station, special treatment…

The standards have been revised with assistance from a group of international experts and adopted by resolution. These new standards entered into force on 1st January 2018.

To facilitate the application of these unloading standards we are providing you with WaSTo (Waste Standards Tool): an electronic tool featuring a search engine.


  • incorporates the regulatory content in force;
  • identifies the modifications that have been made and makes it easy for you to spot the the changes of direct concern to you;
  • explains the reasons behind the modifications (information not available in English);
  • explains the health and environmental risks posed by the cargo residue (information not available in English);
  • creates your personalised goods list with the associated unloading standards.