Approved organisations

Close cooperation with non-governmental organisations interested in the activities of the CDNI is an asset in favour of the smooth running of the Conference of the Contracting Parties (CPC). The approval of NGOs enables them to take an active part in the work being carried out. They are also able to submit to the CPC – through the Secretariat – information and proposals they consider appropriate, take part in the hearings of the profession organised every two years, and ask to participate in the CDNI/G Working Group. It should be noted that these organisations are representative at the international level.

List of approved organisations

  • AQUAPOL: International police cooperation on the water
  • CEFIC: European Chemical Industry Council
  • EBU: European Barge Union
  • EFIP: European Federation of Inland Ports
  • ESO: European Skippers’ Organisation
  • EURACOAL: European Association for Coal and Lignite
  • EUROSHORE: International Trade Association of port reception facility providers
  • IAWR: International Association of Water Works in the Rhine Basin
  • IG River Cruise : European River Cruise Association
  • IVR: International Association for the representation of the mutual interests of the inland shippingand the insurance and for keeping the register of inland vessels in Europe


To become an approved organisation

Applicant organisations must first send in a request in accordance with Article 4 (6) of the Rules of Procedure of the Conference of the Contracting Parties of the CDNI. This must include:

  • a description of the organisation, its members, its areas of competence and its experience;
  • the reasons for the request for approval, with particular reference to the international aspect, and the fact of bringing together a significant proportion of the national organisations in any one area of interest and being authorised to speak on their behalf;
  • the organisation’s interest in the CDNI and in participating in its work.

For further information on the procedure, please refer to CCNR Resolution 2001-I-3.III which covers this: