Overview of documents

The CDNI provides documents that help with the practical application of its provisions. Publications for communication purposes are also published to raise the Convention’s profile. The documents are generally available in 3 or even 4 languages: French, German, Dutch, (English).

  • The Convention: the text of the Convention is available in 4 languages (French, German, Dutch and English).
  • Resolutions: the collections of resolutions are published at the end of the Conference of the Contracting Parties.
  • Oily and greasy waste: the CDNI provides the necessary documents for applying the provisions of Part A.
  • Unloading: the CDNI provides the documents for correctly implementing the cargo waste unloading procedure (Part B).
  • User guides: the CDNI’s experts draw up practical guides for use by the profession.
  • Annual IIPC reports: each year the CDNI publishes the report by the International Clearance and Coordination Body (IIPC) on the evaluation of the financing system and disposal charge.
  • Other publications: assessments and reports on the CDNI’s previous and current work are published regularly.