The Conference of Contracting Parties adopts resolutions at its meetings. Collections of resolutions are available in three languages (one collection per meeting (I, II, etc) or twice-yearly collection).


Collection per meeting

2023-II pdf_frpdf_depdf_nl
2023-I pdf_frpdf_depdf_nl
2022-II pdf_frpdf_depdf_nl
2022-I pdf_frpdf_depdf_nl
2021-II pdf_frpdf_depdf_nl
2021-I pdf_frpdf_depdf_nl
2020-II pdf_frpdf_depdf_nl
2020-I pdf_frpdf_depdf_nl
2019-II pdf_frpdf_depdf_nl
2019-I pdf_frpdf_depdf_nl
2018-II pdf_frpdf_depdf_nl
2018-I pdf_frpdf_depdf_nl


Twice-yearly collection

2017 – 2018 pdf_frpdf_depdf_nl
2015 – 2016 pdf_frpdf_depdf_nl
2013 – 2014 pdf_frpdf_depdf_nl
2011 – 2012 pdf_frpdf_depdf_nl
2009 – 2010 pdf_frpdf_depdf_nl