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The modernisation of the CDNI’s electronic payment system (SPE-CDNI), a further step towards the ongoing digitalisation of the inland navigation sector

Press release

Strasbourg, 17.05.2023 – The CDNI’s electronic payment system (SPE – CDNI) will be migrated to a fully digital system, SPE-CDNI 3.0, on 1st August 2023. That means that boatmasters will in future be able to pay the disposal fee for oily and greasy waste produced in the course of operating the vessel using a smartphone instead of the ECO card.


The new system confers numerous benefits


  • Simpler payment: Both the boatmaster and the bunkering station employee can remotely inspect and confirm important information, such as the vessel’s name, fuel quantity and the associated disposal fee on their respective devices.


  • User-friendly system: The app can be used both in online and off-line mode. In off-line mode, the transactions are stored and only sent to the central system once the device’s Internet access has been restored.


  • All documents are available digitally: The boatmaster can view all his disposal fee payment receipts on his device.


  • Easy account and information management: In the event of any changes, it is simplicity itself to use the app to add authorised companies and individuals to the ECO account or remove them from it.


  • Better data availability: The new app makes for more accurate statistics as it is less prone to error and makes it easier to correct errors. In the longer term this enables companies to benefit from better information about their vessel and to view this data easily using the app.


The new SPE-CDNI 3.0 system allows for exceptional situations such as the absence of a smart phone Internet connection or vessel operators who do not have a smart phone, with the payment process also capable of being handled using an analog 2D barcode, that can just be printed out. The system can also be accessed using other devices such as tablets and computers. The fully digital SPE-CDNI 3.0 system can easily be improved or upgraded in future with new features, thereby making it a future-proof solution.


Information events and training courses will be offered in June and July to enable a smooth migration to the new system.  You can consult your domestic institution or the CDNI Secretariat should you have any queries. You will find preliminary information about the new system and contact details on the CDNI website as of 12th June 2023.



The 1st January 2011 saw the introduction of an electronic payment system (SPE-CDNI) for the collection and disposal oily and greasy waste produced in the course of operating a vessel. The disposal of this waste is financed by a disposal fee paid by the vessel’s operator. The current transaction system, comprising ECO cards and terminals, will be replaced on 1st August 2023 by a fully digital system, SPE-CDNI 3.0, based on smart phone apps.


The digitalisation of the inland navigation sector is an aspect that ought to command particular attention. The Mannheim Declaration, adopted by the Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine (CCNR), emphasises that digitalisation contributes to the competitiveness, safety, and sustainability of the inland navigation sector. The European Commission (EC) is also pushing for greater digitalisation in its action plan for the inland navigation sector, NAIADES III. The innovations in the SPE-CDNI 3.0 system further this aim and support both the CCNR’s and EC’s objectives.


Press release