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Summer session 2023 of the Contracting Parties Conference

Press release

Strasbourg, 21.06.2023 – On the agenda of the Conference of the Contracting Parties (CPC) last June: the charge on bio-fuels and synthetic fuels, the revision of the attestation of unloading, and the new SPE-CDNI 3.0. system. The meeting took place in Strasbourg, at the Palais du Rhin. The meeting was chaired by Mr Ivo Ten Broeke, the head of the Dutch delegation to the CDNI (Convention on the collection, deposit and reception of waste produced during navigation on the Rhine and inland waterways).

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Levying of the charge on bio-fuels and synthetic fuels

When the CDNI was signed in 1996, gas oil was the only fuel used by the inland navigation sector in the signatory States to the Convention. As set out in the CCNR roadmap for reducing emissions ever more different fuels will be used in future. Initially, these will largely be bio-fuels and synthetic fuels. Oily and greasy waste generated from the use of bio-fuels and synthetic fuels is also deposited in the network of reception stations. In order to maintain a sustainable system for receiving oily and greasy waste, the CPC has therefore adopted a resolution stipulating that the disposal charge also needs to be paid by motorised craft using bi-fuels and synthetic fuels.
The resolution came into force with immediate effect.

Revision of the attestation of unloading

The delegations adopted a second resolution on cargo-related waste. The meeting was an opportunity to confirm amendments to the attestation of unloading, in particular concerning tanker shipping.
The revised attestation of unloading will now take account of degassing and washing while underway. As a reminder, the CDNI was supplemented by information on the gaseous residues of liquid cargoes and their processing. These amendments are currently in the process of ratification, five of the six contracting States having signed them to date.
Amendments will also be made to the Implementing regulation, arising from the revision of the attestation of unloading. Finally, the information on how to complete the attestation of unloading has been amended. The new model attestation of unloading (for completion in Word and PDF format) will be available on the CDNI website once the resolution has come into force.
The resolution will come into force no later than 1st August 2023.

New SPE-CDNI 3.0 system

The 1st January 2011 saw the introduction of an electronic payment system (SPE-CDNI) for the collection and disposal oily and greasy waste produced in the course of operating a vessel. The disposal of this waste is financed by a disposal fee paid by the vessel’s operator. The current transaction system, comprising ECO cards and terminals, will be replaced on 9 August 2023 by a fully digital system, SPE-CDNI 3.0, based on smart phone apps.
The Implementing regulation will need to be amended. These amendments will take account of the migration of the SPE-CDNI electronic payment system to the new SPE-CDNI 3.0. application.
The resolution will come into force on 1st August 2023.
For information, certain parts of the new system are already available for use, such as:

  • Administration of ECO-IDs
  • The printing out of analog ECO-IDs (in the form of a QR code)
  • Providing boatmasters with access to the app

All that is required is to log onto new.spe-cdni.org.
The mobile application for smartphones and tablets will be activated at the end of July or beginning of August. The old system will be deactivated once the new system is in place on 9 August.

Workshop with the authorities responsible for implementing the CDNI

The CPC envisages the holding of an international workshop on 25 October 2023 with the authorities responsible for implementing the CDNI.
The workshop has two main objectives:

  • an exchange of experience applying the CDNI between the relevant authorities: this enables practices to be harmonised and, with it, the implementation of the CDNI throughout its entire scope,
  • a dialogue between the experts responsible for drafting the CDNI and the individuals responsible for its application: this will enable feedback on problems with the interpretation or application of the CDNI.


Forthcoming meetings

The next meeting of the Contracting Parties will be in Strasbourg on 19 December 2023.
The next meeting of the of the CDNI Working Group is scheduled for 24 and 26 October 2023.
The International Clearance and Coordination Body will meet on 23 November 2023.


Press release