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A step towards air protection: Germany deposits the instrument of acceptance of the amendment to the CDNI

Strasbourg, 09.02.2021 The Federal Republic of Germany has accepted the amendment to the Convention on the collection, deposit and reception of waste produced during navigation on the Rhine and inland waterways (CDNI). The deposition of the instrument of acceptance is an important step towards the entry into force of the amendment, and thus to protecting air quality.

(Source: Secretariat of the CDNI)

The German consul Marianne Therre-Mano handed over the instrument of acceptance on 9 February 2021 in the Palais du Rhin in Strasbourg (Palais du Rhin) to the Secretary General of the Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine (CCNR), Mr Bruno Georges, who at the same time is the custodian of the CDNI Convention.
The amendment aims to introduce a gradual prohibition of degassing in the scope of application of the CDNI to prevent harmful gaseous cargo residues being released into the atmosphere. After certain volatile organic compounds have been removed, these vapours remain behind in tankers’ holds and need to be disposed of before loading the next cargo, when they cannot be evacuated into a tank ashore by means of a vapour recovery system. The six Contracting States of the CDNI adopted these new regulations which provide for the necessary procedures and facilities receiving and handling these gaseous residues.
The Federal Republic of Germany is the third Contracting State to deposit its instrument of acceptance after the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The ratification procedure is in progress in the three other CDNI States (Belgium, France, Switzerland) and should be completed in the course of this year. The amendment will come into force six months after the last instrument of ratification has been deposited.
More information concerning the new provisions on degassing and their implementation is available at: https://www.cdni-iwt.org/degassing-regulation/?lang=en