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Use of the digital CDNI attestation of unloading from 1 June 2022

With effect from 1 June 2022, the digital version of the CDNI attestation of unloading may be used, provided the following conditions are met:

  • data protection and data security can be guaranteed;
  • the signature is unfalsifiable;
  • the document can be verified with the relevant actors.

The conditions are set out in the new version of Article 6.03 of the CDNI (see the section The Convention on the website).
The attestation of unloading is essential in the implementation of the CDNI: it ensures the correct conduct of the unloading procedure and the elimination of potential waste.
The digitisation of the attestation of unloading contributes to improving the quality of information, logistical efficiency and the uniform implementation of the document, particularly in the event of an inspection. It also aims to reduce the administrative burden, thereby responding to a strong wish from the sector. Users who wish to do so may continue to use the paper format.

Source: CDNI animated film