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Ensuring better onboard sorting of household waste: new international rules on 1st January 2022

Since 1 January 2022, the CDNI has been including new waste categories. What that means specifically for boatmen is that household waste needs to be collected on board and deposited separately according to the following categories:

  • paper,
  • glass,
  • rigid plastics/synthetic materials,
  • packaging waste (synthetic, metal or cardboard),
  • residual waste and other waste.

The text of the new article 9.03 of the Implementing Regulation is available on the CDNI website (see under Documents / CDNI Convention).
The collected waste is to be stored on board in appropriate collection receptacles displaying the relevant symbols.
By way of assistance, guidelines containing suggested symbols are available on the CDNI website on the dedicated Part C page (see Tools).
The existing categories have been extended and refined to improve selective sorting. Waste can thus be better sorted and separately collected throughout the disposal chain. This promotes the recycling of useful materials, and the boatmaster can reduce the residual volume of unrecyclable waste. A step forward for an ever more environmentally friendly inland navigation sector!

Example of packaging waste symbols
Source: CDNI guidelines on waste streams on board