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10th anniversary of the entry into force of the CDNI: Publication of an evaluation and collection of founder member reminiscences

Entering into force in November 2009, the Convention on the collection, deposit and reception of waste produced during navigation on the Rhine and inland waterways (CDNI) celebrated the 10th anniversary of its implementation in 2019. A decade during which the Convention greatly contributed to making inland navigation more environmentally friendly and to making it a trendsetting mode of transport, both from a waste management and an international financing perspective. This occasion saw the appearance of two publications with the aim of revisiting the highlights of recent years. These retrospective publications provide an overview of the key moments of an international Convention ready and willing to confront tomorrow’s environmental challenges.

Source: Secretariat of the CDNI


Collected reminiscences of the founder members of the CDNI

To mark this event, the founder members of the initiative culminating in the Convention look back on its origins in a collection of reminiscences published on the CDNI’s website. The contributions retrace the thinking that preceded the establishment of this pioneering international system:
– the factoring in of specific inland navigation attributes,
– the setting up and acceptance of a system based on the “polluter pays” principle,
– close involvement of the profession in the work
– and the overcoming of national differences to achieve binding international regulations.
The collection thus draws together the memories of the principal protagonists and revisits the highlights of the anniversary of the entry into force of the Convention, celebrated in Strasbourg on 17 December 2019.

10th anniversary of the implementation of the CDNI: time to take stock

A look back on the ten years’ implementation of the Convention is published in parallel to promote awareness of the CDNI, its principles, its players and how it operates. This publication pays particular attention to the achievements of the last 10 years. By putting the Convention’s work into perspective, and its importance to inland navigation, this evaluation also addresses the challenges of the next few years.
The evaluation of the ten years’ implementation of the CDNI and the election of reminiscences of its founder members can be downloaded from the CDNI website: https://www.cdni-iwt.org/other-publications/?lang=en