The Strasbourg Convention on the collection, deposit and reception of waste generated during navigation on the Rhine and other inland waterways of 9 September 1996 has been adopted by six countries with effect for navigation on their inland waterways (Belgium, France, Germany, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland). The main objective of this Convention is to protect the environment and to improve safety in inland navigation.


To achieve this objective, the Convention aims at improved checking of any waste that occurs, specifically through:


- safe and separate collection and subsequent disposal of wastes arising from operating the vessel.

- requiring those causing wastes to pay the costs of collection and disposal.

- the application of uniform regulations within all signatory states of the Convention 
in order to avoid any unfair competition.



The CDNI Convention


Text of the Convention (version 2018)




Sheets for updating

Appendix III – Unloading standards  (page 73)   pdf_frpdf_depdf_nl(08/2018)


Text of the Convention (version 2014)



Sheets for updating

Article 5.01 pdf_frpdf_depdf_nlpdf_en (01/07/2017)

Article 7.04 pdf_frpdf_depdf_nlpdf_en (01/07/2017)

Article 3.03 pdf_frpdf_depdf_nlpdf_en (01/01/2016)

Article 7.02 pdf_frpdf_depdf_nlpdf_en (01/07/2016)

Article 7.04 pdf_frpdf_depdf_nlpdf_en (01/07/2016)




The Conference of Contracting Parties adopts Resolutions at its meetings. Collections of the Resolutions are available in three languages (one collection per meeting (I, II, etc) or twice-yearly collection).


Collection per meeting


2019-I  pdf_frpdf_depdf_nl

2018-II  pdf_frpdf_depdf_nl

2018-I   pdf_frpdf_depdf_nl

2017-II  pdf_frpdf_depdf_nl

2017-I  pdf_frpdf_de pdf_nl

2016-II pdf_frpdf_de pdf_nl

2016-I    pdf_frpdf_de pdf_nl

2015-II pdf_frpdf_de pdf_nl

2015-I   pdf_frpdf_de pdf_nl


Twice-yearly collection



2015 – 2016  pdf_frpdf_depdf_nl

2013 – 2014 pdf_frpdf_depdf_nl

2011 –  2012   pdf_frpdf_depdf_nl

2009 – 2010     pdf_frpdf_depdf_nl




Gesetz zu dem Übereinkommen vom 9. September 1996 über die Sammlung, Abgabe und Annahme von Abfällen in der Rhein- und Binnenschifffahrt pdf_de



Wet houdende instemming met het samenwerkingsakkoord – 20 januari 2011 – 3 maart 2011 pdf_fr pdf_nl



Décret n° 2010-197 du 23 février 2010 portant publication de la Convention relative à la collecte, au dépôt et à la réception des déchets survenant en navigation rhénane et intérieure, signée à Strasbourg le 9 septembre 1996  pdf_fr



Loi du 13 janvier 2002 portant approbation et application de la Convention relative à la collecte, au dépôt et à la réception des déchets survenant en navigation rhénane et intérieure (signée à Strasbourg, le 9 septembre 1996)  pdf_fr



Regeling 2012 pdf_nl

Scheepsafvalstoffenbesluit Rijn- en binnenvaart pdf_nl



Ordonnance portant exécution de la Convention du 9 septembre 1996 relative à la collecte, au dépôt et à la réception des déchets survenant en navigation rhénane et intérieure pdf_fr pdf_de



Table of dates of entry of Resolutions into force in national regulations


The table summarises the dates on which Resolutions adopted by the CCP have entered into force in national regulations. The table is updated regularly.


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