Eco-account / Eco-card


Getting started with an ECO account


To open an ECO account, you first need to complete an application form. On receipt of the application, the national institution sets up an ECO account and issues one or more ECO cards. When the account is opened, the applicant is notified of the account number, which must be provided whenever a transfer is made.


Funds cannot be directly transferred, however. Rather, payment must be transferred to the bank account of the national institution; the institution is subsequently responsible for ensuring that the details of the amounts received are entered in the database system and from there transferred to the ECO account of the payer or account holder immediately. Once the amounts are entered in the database system, the disposal fee that has been paid is available within the entire Convention territory whenever gas oil is purchased. The payer can request a refund of the credit paid at any time. The ECO account is managed under the name of the ship’s operator and/or owner. The ECO card, in contrast, is issued for the particular ship.


and paying with the ECO CARD

As of 1 January 2011, skippers have the option of using the ECO card to pay the disposal fee whenever bunkering tax-free gas oil. Payment of the fee affords access to the reception stations, distributed throughout the entire Convention territory, where oily and greasy wastes can be deposited free of charge.

The ECO CARD, the second component of the electronic payment system, serves as the direct link between the ECO account and the particular ship. The ECO CARD is required in order to make the connection with the ECO account. This ensures that the ECO account can be debited only when a valid ECO card is presented and the account has a sufficient balance.


Open an ECO-CARD account