Update 1.07.2020

The Contracting Parties reported a return to normal for waste collection and reception services within the Convention’s scope. Owing to the crisis, certain services had had to be subjected to specific measures (introduction of a skeleton service, reduction in station opening times). However, notwithstanding the health constraints, the waste collection reception services successfully fulfilled their mission, enabling inland navigation to continue while complying with environmental obligations. The Danube Commission reported that services had also been successfully maintained on the Danube.




Status: 6 April 2020


Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the collection and reception services for waste generated by vessels are likely to change. The Secretary will publish information on the status of the station network on the dedicated webpage.


Please also consult the website of the national institutions:


For information about the navigation of the Rhine, please go to the CCNR website.


When depositing waste, please observe the prescribed protective actions to slow the coronavirus, protect yourself and protect others.


Please only dispose of necessary waste, avoid unnecessary visits, maintain the required separation and pay careful attention to instructions from staff.





The services provided by De Vlaamse Waterweg will remain unchanged until further notice. The reception stations at Evergem and Ham remain open.The reception stations in the Ghent region are also operational.


Communiqué de la Belgique

Région Flamande, Région Wallonne et Région de Bruxelles-capitale
Collecte et transport des déchets de navigation intérieure durant la crise corona (06/04/20)



Communication of the Flemish Region

Communication from De Vlaamse Waterweg (19/03/20)




Communication from the Walloon Region

Communication from Public Service of Wallonia (19/03/20)



Communication of the Port of Antwerp

Press release from the Port of Antwerp (16/03/20)





The vessel ESEVE 7 (bunkering / oil separation) at Strasbourg remains on-call.


A 48-hour notice period for requests has been put in place, the objective being to consolidate pumping operations and waste collection
Mr Desgigot Virgile : +33 (0)6 74 89 13 49/




In the Netherlands, there is not yet any change in the services provided in the collection network (25/03/20).

Further information can be found on the information page “Corona Update” of the SAB: 





Communication of the Swiss Rhine ports (16/03/20)